The War Of The Andes was a war that lasted four years from 2033 to 2037 in South America. The war was the result of a deppressing economy and taring relations between different leaders around the continent, this as well as the involvement of a Colombian Revolt Terrorist Group that seemed to have connections with Venezuela and Ecuador. The War Of The Andes featured Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador against Colombia, Panama, Chile, and Peru. Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay chose to remain neutral. In 2034 the US under the Administration of George Lansings entered the fight when Brazilian forces bombed a US Military Base in Colombia and so the US was forced to sent troops to fight in the Andes. Russia and Iran ultimately joined the war in favor of Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador which led to Brazil winning the war and building special organizations with Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Despite the US and Colombia being able to destroy what was left of the Revolt Group with later peace negotiations, Brazil became an economic superpower after the war leaving the US in debt. What many referred to as the Brazilian Empire, grew and expanded world-wide economically and military-wide. In 2048 the Panama Canal War which was a result of the War Of The Andes lasted only 90 days in which Brazilian troops won control of the Panama Canal.