Taylor Elizabeth Lansings was President of the United States from 2049 to 2057, having served two full consecutive terms in office. Lansings was born in the year 2004 to George Lansings and Carrie Lansings in Cleaveland, Ohio. George Lansings, President of the United States from 2032 to 2037, was a young lawyer at the time of Taylor's birth and his wife, Carrie, was a housewive raising two children, Taylor and her brother Timothy. Lansings graduated from Yale University in 2030 just two years before her father's election as President. Taylor first became a Congresswoman from Ohio's first Congressional District in 2034 where after 6 years of service, she left Congress and was replaced by her brother as she sought the US Senate from Ohio where she served for 8 years until rising to the Presidency. The taring image of President George Lansings created a list of enemies for Taylor Lansings, those which did all they could to prevent her rise to the Presidency in the 2048 United States Presidential Election. In 2048, Taylor, narrowly defeated Former President Neil O'Connell and Incumbent President Harold Newman in the Republican Primaries and Former President Lloyd David in the General Election. In 2052, Taylor, after serving four years as the first woman President of the United States, narrowly defeated Former Vice Presidential Candidate Kelly Allyon in the 2052 United States Presidential Election. Taylor married Phil King in 2031 and they have two kids, Jeanne and George