Neil Steven O'Connell was President of the United States from 2037 to 2041 after the resignation of George Lansings from the Presidency. A Republican, O'Connell had formerly served as Lansings's Vice President until his Lansings was forced to resign and O'Connell served the remaining three years of Lansings's term. O'Connell tried to run for re-election in 2040 but was unsuccessful against Lloyd David and then tried to run again in 2048 for the Republican Nomination but was defeated at the RNC by George Lansings's daughter, then-Senator Taylor Lansings. Before the Vice Presidency, O'Connell, served as a US Senator from Maryland for 8 years as well as Governor of Maryland for 4 years. O'Connell was born in 1982 in St. Louis, Missouri and married Lisa Buchanan in 2005. Neil and Lisa have three kids. Neil Jr, Robert, and Franklin.

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