George Brian Lansings was the President of the United States from 2033 - 2037. A Republican, Lansings previously served as a US Congressman from Ohio's 1st Congressional District and later as Governor of Ohio from 2026 - 2033. Lansings was best known for leading the US into the War Of The Andes which caused his resignation from the Presidency after the US and its South American Allies were defeated against greater Brazil and its allies. After Lansings's resignation from the Presidency in 2037, just a year after his re-election, Vice President Neil O'Connell preceded him and served the remaining three years of his term before trying to run for a full four year term but was defeated by Democrat Lloyd David. Until his resignation in 2037, George Lansings had remained a popular politician having won the Presidency twice in 2032 against Indiana Senator and later Vice President of the United States, Shelley Winston, and in 2036 against then-Speaker of the House John Gallagher. Lansings was born in Cleaveland, Ohio in 1976 and married Carrie Woodward in 1998. Lansings has two kids, Timothy and Taylor. Timothy Lansings is the current US Congressman from Ohio's 1st Congressional District and Taylor Lansings was a former US Senator from Ohio and later became President of the United States in 2049.