The 2048 United States Presidential Election falls in history as one of the most famous and most controversial United States Presidential Election. With the United States broken apart in a recession and having suffered through four consecutive Administrations that damaged the system that the nation had ran on for centuries, the upcoming Presidential Election seemed hopeless for many Americans. With the Administrations of George Lansings, Neil O'Connell, Lloyd David, and Harold Newman the United States had fallen from ranking as the most powerful nation in the world to becoming a weak and defense-less union. But the choice of candidates that filled up the campaign were below the average of governing. The Democratic Primaries centered Mayor Frederick, Congressman Tuff, and Former President Lloyd David who despite a controversial record decided to seek re-election. But it was a hopeless campaign, Mayor Thomas Frederick from Chicago was a favorite son in his state but little-known around the country and with very short experience. Congressman Tuff was House Majority Whip at the moment and looked like a Washington insider who many considered partly-responsible for the nation's troubles. President David wasn't any better, having raised the most money before the Iowa Caucus, he seemed like the Democratic front-runner but he was still quite unpopular among Americans who saw him as a weak man who let the issues with Brazil drag on which ultimately had caused him his re-election four years back. The Republicans centered three candidates which were Former President Neil O'Connell, Incumbent President Harold Newman, and US Senator Taylor Lansings. With 3 also unpopular candidates, the RNC narrowly came down to Taylor Lansings's victory. Lloyd David also narrowly defeated his two opponents in the DNC and confronted Lansings in the General Election where she and her running mate, Governor Robert Hanoi of Hawaii, narrowly defeated David and his running mate, Governor Kelly Allyon of Oregon.